Making Money With Content Locking

Towards the end of 2009 I started looking for other ways to monetize my professional wrestling website. CPM ad rates were in the crapper (due to the economy) so my brother and I needed another way to make money from the million plus monthly unique visitors. One of my business partners John had a ton of experience in the incent space (owning one of the largest “freebie” websites) and suggested we started content locking.
The concept is really simple. You obtain a widget that you have coded or from an incent affiliate network and then place it on the page with the content. For a visitor to view the page they must complete an offer. After some initial testing my brother and I realized this was not effective for our site but did find success in various other niches.
Obviously having content someone really wants to view is the key to a successful content locking campaign. You’re also going to need traffic that converts at a lower EPC. It’s unlikely someone is going to purchase a product just to view your content but it is likely they’ll take a survey or enter their information for a successful lead capture. Crafty Internet marketers will bypass the affiliate networks and create their own offers to really increase their bottom line and have full control over their conversion funnel (using lead generation arbitrage with co-registration). However those that already know how to generate cheap traffic may find it easiest to get jump started by selecting offers from an incent affiliate network (my bud Ryan Eagle has one). There is no right or wrong way but creating your own offers is definitely better for your long term sites while using an affiliate network will work when you’re just getting started or have those real “short term” campaigns.

Keys To Success With Content Locking:

  • Content Worth Viewing
  • Cheap Traffic
  • Affiliate Offers/Conversion Funnels that accept incentivized traffic
If you have a website that’s already getting a lot of unique visitors a day you may want to explore this monetization technique. Test with some of the current incent networks that offer the widgets and if it works out, create your own funnels. Hell, even if you just simply ask a visitor to join your mailing list before viewing your content you’re going to setup another avenue to make money.
Right now it’s likely you’re home enjoying the holiday season with your friends, family, and other loved ones (I’m chilling in the Delta Skyclub). While you enjoy your time at home create you a content locking campaign or two. Since the visitor doesn’t have to buy anything for you to make money this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. I personally like to pick trending topics from Google and create sites that garner traffic from SEO. Also social media platforms such as Facebook are excellent ways to generate traffic to your campaigns for free! Inside our Community I talk about some of the specific methods I’ve used over the years to make a good bit of money. I’ve had multiple $5K+ profit days from this simple, yet very effective technique.


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