Cash Link Media FAQ's


Publishers seek to generate advertising revenue from their websites and mailings lists. Advertisers want traffic to generate sales and leads for their websites without the commitment of dealing with hundreds of individual publishers. Cash Link Media acts as a single point of contact for advertisers and publishers, acting as a trusted source for both sides. Publishers benefit from having access to hundreds of advertising campaigns and receiving payment from Cash Link Media Avertisers.
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Unlike other marketing models where an advertiser pays for every surfer seeing their ad (CPM) or clicking on their ad (CPC), an advertiser under the CPA model pays only when a specific action is taken on their website. The advertiser defines this action in advance and only pays when that action is taken. The advertiser action can be as simple as filling out a form on their website or as complex as a multi-page sign-up ending with a purchase through credit card. Generally speaking, the more involved the action, the higher a publisher would expect to be paid for generating it.


You can sign up by. Make sure you complete the application form as we are very strict on who we choose to let into the network. Please make sure you answer all questions correctly.
Yes. If we can't reach you by phone to have a simple discussion about your methods of advertising, you will not be approved into the network.
The fastest way to be approved is to make sure you fill out the publisher application form thoroughly and be very descriptive about your marketing strategy and efforts. We look for affiliates we think will be beneficial to our network and provide quality leads to our Advertisers. The more complete your application is the more interest we will have in allowing you into the network.
We accept publishers from several countries. Unfortunately due to the high level of fraud from various countries publishers from some areas are will not be accepted into the network.
It really depends on how you plan to push traffic to our Advertisers. Some people market with websites and some market without websites. You will need to talk to your Affiliate Manager and discuss how you plan to promote offers on our network.


No, you may not. It is grounds for account termination or worse. The only people interested in acquiring dormant publisher accounts do so with the intent of defrauding advertisers. If a publisher sells their account, they're likely assisting someone in committing a crime and are subject to potential litigation. Cash Link Media fully supports advertisers and law enforcement agencies in their attempts to prosecute for fraud. If you don't want your publisher account anymore, simply tell your affiliate manager and we'll close it for you.
If you allow someone else to use your publisher link to generate leads keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the leads generated on a campaign. Should the second party in the joint venture generate fraudulent leads/sales, it's the publisher who risks account termination and litigation, not the second party.
In most cases, by the time you've noticed you are terminated, your account will not be reinstated. Our compliance department monitors traffic/leads constantly and action is swift when a problem is found. Publishers are generally told when a minor problem is found and given the opportunity to make corrections. Major problems usually result in immediate account termination. If you want to plead your case, send an email to Your best bet is to admit wrongdoing, accept the reversal of your leads/sales and ask permission to try again. In the rare circumstance that a publisher is wrongly terminated from the network, they should contact Cash Link Media Support and politely describe the problem and why they feel they are innocent - remember that your best bet is to be honest in the explanations of your actions.
No payment will be made on any account that has been involved in fraudulent activity.


There is no specific campaign type which represents the bulk of our traffic. We generate leads and sales for clients across multiple niches including dating, financial, weight loss, education, surveys, health, mobile, etc. Generally speaking, we tend to stick with form-fill style lead generation or trial-based sale campaigns because these are the kinds of ad campaigns our publishers like best.
That's a little difficult to predict as Cash Link Media has numerous publishers in the network and they selectively choose the ads they want to run themselves. A successful ad campaign might see traffic from hundreds of publishers across multiple traffic types such as banner placements, email marketing, search engines, social media and others. An advertiser can however specify in advance whether they want to exclude certain types of traffic, like search engine or social network traffic.
There is no direct contact between publishers and advertisers. All contact goes through the network. Publishers come to Cash Link Media specifically for the benefit of having a single contact point with multiple sponsorship opportunities.
Generally speaking, we do not. There are other networks better suited to such advertising.
Cash Link Media uses cookies and pixels to track actions. We provide the advertiser with a tracking pixel to place on the page where they declare an action as valid and should be paid for. This pixel, combined with the cookie generated when the surfer clicks the campaign link, generates a lead in our system.
We don't predict traffic volumes on potential campaigns. There are simply too many unknown factors to give a proper estimate. Much depends on the conversion of the campaign, the target countries and demographics, the decided upon CPA rate versus competitive campaigns and the final mix of publishers who decide to pick up any given campaign. Some campaigns can see hundreds of thousands of leads while others struggle to get hundreds per month.
Cash Link Media puts potential publishers through a quality assurance and fraud check before we allow them into the network. This helps reduce the occurrence fraud and bad leads, but does not eliminate it. Advertisers must also work at monitoring data and reporting problems. We pass all advertisers the IDs of the publishers generating traffic for their campaign. Advertisers should use this ID with their internal quality checks to analyze the profitability of the traffic they are receiving on an individual publisher level.
Send us details about the campaign you'd like to bring to Cash Link Media through the Advertisers or Contact Us page. Please include as much information as possible about your campaign including sample landing pages, CPA rates, target countries and budgetary caps. We receive many requests so please do not omit this information.
Publishers are paid on a Net 30 basis. For example, publishers generating revenue in January will have their payments processed on the last day of February. We require that you have your W9 or W8 form signed and submitted to our Accounting Department before payment is issued. If you fail to submit your W9 or W8 before payments are processed your payment will be distributed the following month. Net 30 is only stated for our protection as we have to wait to get paid, if we get paid early so will you.
We pay publishers by PayPal. The options available are dependent on a publisher's home country. Our system tracks and distributes all earnings in US Dollars. If wire is chosen then the processing fee will come from your earnings.
Incentive traffic is when a publisher offers a surfer a reward of some kind (virtual or real) to sign up to an advertiser through their publisher link. A potential publisher must understand that while Cash Link Media does allow some forms of incentive traffic, publishers using incentive traffic will be limited to advertising only the few ad campaigns which accept it. Most campaigns do not accept incentive traffic. We're very selective on the kinds of incentive traffic we accept and very strict on incentive publisher adherence to only advertising the campaigns which allow it.
Yes, we generally accept this kind of traffic but only on campaigns which accept incentive traffic. The content to unlock should not be pornographic in nature and is subject to the same terms and conditions a publisher's website is subject to.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let us know